Jim Richards

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English is a language generally spoken by many people of different race from around the world. It is also used as a native tongue of many highly developed countries that offer a wide range of educational and employment opportunities. Being able to speak English allows individuals to be qualified and eligible for jobs, university admissions, and residency in many English-speaking countries.


Individuals especially students who want to earn a degree or master a field of study should possess a particular level of English language skill and knowledge. English is the language used for studies such as science or math, and without it students won’t be able to learn about and excel in the subjects. English is very easy to learn and after a few months of study and practice, individuals will surely be able to speak, listen, read and write well in English.

Jim Richards is one of the most dedicated English teachers today. He is providing this highly informational website to ensure that those who want to learn and master the English language will have easy access to an extensive range of helpful information such as skill improvement, test samples and the listening test. Check out what this website can offer and take advantage of the reading materials and resources available here.

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