The Captain is back…finally and there is fresh stuff in this episode that got ended on accident about 5 minutes before the set time.

Episode 4 of the Captain Deshi newscast featuring Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson on this episode. ← All Posts for Show The Captain Deshi Show

this episode largely covers the final presidential debate.

Episode 2 of TCDS(formerly wicked radio live) dan bongio gives us a buttload of information about the evil left and what they are up to.

same news and tunes show different name no more is wicked radio live.

punk edition of WRL for tuesday october 13th 2020. Featuring Dan Bongino and his amazing truth bombs.

News and music from captaindeshi Dan Bongino and over on rumble is who we use for our main news source for this episode and most all episodes.

Deshi brings you the news and music yet again. resources used are dan bonginio for the news segments find out more at

Drum n bass dj session with LSDj

Punk Rawk Show featuring old punk rock music hosted by captain deshi.

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