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there are many ways to get in touch with the dude the is behind the curtain but sometimes it might still be hard so be patient it is just 1 person organizing this entire thing so far. This area is for musicians to contact us to get their music added to the rotation and get featured on our indie stage podcast which then also goes out over Spotify and iTunes increasing your chances of connecting to fans of your specific style. There is never a cost for anything like this and do not let anyone lie to you and tell you they can get you hooked up cause we hook every musician up with air play and being added to the regular playlist rotations. If you send it we will play it no matter the genre. However with that in mind if you are in a hard rock type group you will have the largest opportunity since that is the most common genre that plays on the regular. Hip hop type stuff on Mondays and punk rock on Tuesdays, and of course kicking off weekends like its the 90’s with dance music every Saturday and Sunday.

This is also a place for up and coming producers to perhaps try their hand at producing their own actual radio program that would air not only on our live streams, but the FM transmitter as well. It is not actually all that difficult to get this sort of thing going. Being that I have been doing pirate radio since the 90’s I have become somewhat of an expert with many areas of radio production. All you really need a microphone that doesn’t totally suck many very affordable USB mics will do just dandy and run under $20 on amazon I have hit home runs here and there with cheap mics turning out to be great such as the Geardon GED-M03 which was under $30 I believe when I got it and has great response and a good bit of weight with awesome in built windscreens. but generally any usb mic or even a headset mic will work to get you rolling we do not require high end top of the line quality for all our broadcasts starting out. you will also want a collection of music to jam or be forced to sit there and talk by yourself or with friends for awhile. Now just because it is pirate radio and there is really no rules at all for our station we do try our best to follow MOST of the laws in regards to broadcast stations. I don’t mind some swearing here and there its the essence of man! but don’t use this as a platform to show us that you can say fuck every other sentence. Speak your mind and challenge your beliefs and have a good time. So any rate with simple affordable hardware you can easily connect yourself to our network and broadcast over our equipment via the internet. yay! technology sure came a long way. With that in mind for producers wanting their own time slots pretty much anything on the schedule that is listed as hard rock or hip hop Monday and punk rock Tuesdays. if you have shows that are nothing like hard rock and what we already offer that is damned good too we got room for yah just let us know where it would best fit for you to be. It will all be on the proper contact page for musicians and for producers.

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